Thursday, April 1, 2010

Afternoon at Silver Lake

I had forgotten about the park at Silver Lake so Kristie and I went to play yesterday! It's been years since I've been there, so it was fun. During the summer, there's a beach on the lake you can go to to swim - we used to go there a lot when we were kids! I can't wait to take Kristie swimming there this summer. Anyway, she absolutely loved the playground. Then we noticed people feeding ducks down by the water! So we walked down and my heavens, those ducks were not shy! A guy there feeding ducks with his daughter gave us a tortilla to feed the ducks with. (So nice!) So we did and they just walk right up to you! The geese were actually aggressive! If you didn't throw the pieces fast enough, they'd snip it right out of your hands! So they kinda scared Kristie - understandably! I wanted to get pictures of her throwing tortillas at the ducks, but those geese were too quick! haha. Anyway, it was lovely!

We had some way cool clouds yesterday.

Silver Lake - beautiful!

These two ducks kept walking up to Kristie! They were so cute.

This goose was so loud!

Run, run!

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