Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two of the cutest toddlers on the planet

Mackenzie and I met up at McDonalds for the lunch with the kiddos the other day. I just love hanging out with her - we always have so much to talk about, with toddlers the same age. (They'll be married someday.) Will showed us how adventurous he is on the play place, and Kristie showed us how scared she is of too many kids and a crazy huge toy. =) Afterwards, we went to Forest Park - we just had to be outside 'cause the weather was amazing! What a blast!!

Will trying out the big kid swing!

Kristie cried when I put her on the big one - she'd rather the baby swing. =)

They really have grown up so just kills me!

Only a day off from exactly a year ago, we went to a park and stuck them in a swing was the cutest thing ever. We went on February 16th 2009, and this play date was on February 15th 2010. Nuts! AND, their outfits were coordinating both times...Kristie wore all pink both times, and Will wore all blue both times. WOAH! Didn't realize either 'til we got home.

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