Sunday, February 7, 2010

So smart

So yesterday I told Jason "I hid E-L-M-O in the closet" ('cause I had a headache, and that toy is LOUD) and Kristie said "Elmo?" in her sweet little voice! We both laughed SO hard! I couldn't believe it. I had spelled it out loud 'cause she would've asked for it if she heard me say "Elmo." But she somehow knew anyway! Haha!! Probably 'cause when you spell it, it still kind of sounds like the word, so she probably thought I said Elmo. But oh well, it was still unbelievably adorable!

The pictures are from today - she was watching Little Einsteins while we got ready for church and she was doing the actions they say to do! I hadn't seen her do that yet, so I was seriously impressed! They ride around in "Rocket" and to get it going, you have to pat your hands on your lap, getting faster and faster. Then raise your arms and say "Blast off!" Aw, what a smarty pants!

Here she is patting her legs!
"Now raise your arms!"

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John and Trina Busch said...

She is so cute! Melanie likes elmo too. I have an elmo ABC book that she wont go to sleep until we read it.