Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shirt Makeover

I used this tutorial from Make It and Love It to make Kristie a dress! I inherited this shirt from my sis in-law and it doesn't quite fit - it's so cute that I couldn't just leave it hanging!
I used one of Kristie's dresses to gauge the size - kinda funny to see how small a Kristie dress is compared to my shirt!
Finished product! I had to do a LOT of adjusting after this to make it fit better. =)
I made little rosettes to liven it up a little bit. I used this tutorial from Made by the Mama Monster. Cute!
I think she looks rather cute in it!


Heidi Pinckard said...

SO CUTE!!!! You have always been so creative! I think it's a novel idea!

Valerie said...

I was searching for a good sugar cookie recipe and saw your yummy looking ones, but then started looking at your other posts. Just had to say that this is sooo cute I wish (and so do my kids) that I was so creative and talented!

Rory & Chelsey Eddins said...

so creative! :) Love it!

the mama monster said...

that is darling!