Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Kristie and I went to Baby Storytime at the library!! This was our second time and we just love it. I can't remember if I wrote about the first time, but we sing songs, read stories, blow bubbles, dance...just about everything! Here she is playing with toys at the end...she's definitely the smallest of the bunch (that are her age.)
Then we decided to try on her tutu that I made for Halloween last year. So much more fun this time around 'cause she can actually walk! So cute...

Then I had class tonight where I learned 5 more flowers with royal icing! So fun!
Daisy (love this!)
Victorian Rose (a little bit different from the course 1 rose...)
What a great day!

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Dave and Liesel said...

YOU ARE GETTING SO GOOD!!! I really hope that your business takes off. YUM.