Friday, September 4, 2009

Pacifier Diaries

Have we gotten rid of it??
Kristie absolutely insists that she must have a paci at nap time and bed time. I was determined to be rid of it by 1 year, but it's MUCH easier said than done. When they're that hooked to it, you can't just take it away. Otherwise she wouldn't sleep and would be cranky all the time. Yesterday I noticed her paci (the silicone part) was starting to come off, almost literally hanging on by a thread. So I was like, well what if I just ripped it off completely? Then she wouldn't want it! So I did. 
When came bedtime last night, I gave it to her like normal and she automatically put it to her mouth like she always does. But where was the sucking part?! Man, you should've seen her face! She was so confused. She kept trying to put it in. After awhile, while we were diapering and changing into jammies, she would just take one look at it, and throw it on the floor. Woo! Then when I was rocking her, she was looking all around, making this whimpering noise - like she was wondering where on earth her paci was. Oh my gosh, I felt so bad. It was as much of a comfort to me as it was to her. Jason and I both said after that we already missed the squishy noise she'd make with it. And how just chill she would instantly be - her whole body would just heave this sigh when she'd put her paci in her mouth. And now it's gone! I put her down to bed and she layed there for awhile, still making the little whimper, like a lost puppy dog. Then she fell asleep like normal. Hallelujah! She woke up a couple times crying before midnight but fell back asleep. And didn't wake up at all for the rest of the night, like normal! 

This morning she was sad when she woke up, 'cause she realized it was still gone. Then for her AM nap, she cried pretty hard for a good 15 minutes. But alas, still went to sleep! We just might have gotten rid of it! *knock on wood*


Char said...

Colton falls asleep without his paci in the car but, when we are at home he expects to have it when he naps and at night. Perhaps I need to do what you did and get rid of it! Then I think that he will just take the new babies anyways....... I haven't decided what to do. Way to go and get rid of it before it becomes way to much of an issue. I bet by Monday she doesn't even whimper at bed time.

Bri said...

wow good job on so early. I heard 18months is the do not pass line. I have to get Vi going. Especially since another is coming!