Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Day at the Evergreen State Fair

Man, we soaked up every bit of the fair this year! We met up with Mackenzie, Scott & Will for a little bit, and the Brower's for the whole day. We ate fair food, saw all the animals, saw the Lumberjack show, saw the pig races, rode a couple rides, looked at the booths and saw the Aztec dancers. It was an AWESOME day!! 

Jason, Kristie, Brock & Scott Brower waiting for the Lumberjack show to start.

Gotta love log rolling.
Racing up the poles! 
This just CRACKS me up!
And this! They got to ride their own little tractors!

And walk through a little maze picking up eggs and apples their own little baskets!
She got 3 eggs and an apple. =)
And pet animals at the petting farm.
We took turns watching the kids so we could ride a couple rides! Aileen & Scott are about to go on the "Crazy Train"...eeek that would make me sick.
And we went on the "1001 Arabian Nights" flying carpet ride...oh man that was fun!

And Kristie took a break to hold Karlie. AW!
And play with bubbles. =) They had some pretty snazzy bubble blowers. (I LOVE this face she's making.)
And Brock was barely tall enough to ride a real ride!! 
Kristie really wanted to get on too. =) You can see the height thing right next to her...not quite there yet! 
And my faaaavorite part of the fair...the Indian dancers! Man they're awesome. Here's Kristie playing by them before the show 

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