Saturday, May 31, 2008

Special Date Night & The Nursery

Yesterday Jason realized this is probably our last weekend before we become parents, so he took me out to dinner and a movie! What a sweetheart! We went to eat at our favorite local place, The Pineapple Grill, then saw Indiana Jones. Dinner was woooonderful and we both really enjoyed the movie! (I had to bring a small pillow with for my back, 'cause it's too hard to sit that long without one.) Before the movie, we also indulged and used a coupon we had for Coldstone and got some ice cream. We definitely had a good date night! (Only 2 more days until the due date! I really was hoping she'd be out by now. I've been having contractions, but none that hurt.)

J's favorite sushi roll.

My favorite smoothie. Mmmm...

Yum...that was an awesome dinner.

Here's some pictures of Kristie's room! It's really nothing fancy, but definitely functionable. I'm just glad we were able to create a room, just for her! We had to move a lot of storage and move furniture around in our apartment to make this work. =)

This is the makeshift changing table (used to be my sewing table) and the recliner we got at the DI for 30 bucks. (This is the recliner I've been sleeping on a lot lately because of my back and bad heartburn at's been a lifesaver!)

I painted this flower with watercolors and a posterboard. =) I picked one of the flowers on her crib set and went off of that. I also bought pink gingham fabric that is on the crib set so it ties in pretty well! The wall needed something.

Her clothes!

Her cute boppy and lovies are sittin' in the crib for now.

The bookshelf.

This is my favorite little outfit! (It comes with a cute hat too.) I keep this out because it makes me happy when I'm not feeling good. =)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Still Waiting & Two Videos!

Had another appt yesterday and Kristie should be here in another either right on time, or late. Yuck! My next appt is the 4th, which is two days passed, so hopefully I will have already had her by then. I was 1 centimeter dilated (which is more than last week, so I'll take that!) but my cervix hasn't started to thin yet. As Jason's Grandma Muiriel said, "She just won't be rushed!" Just like me...I hate being rushed. Already, we're so alike. =)

Here's a couple videos of my belly from the night before last. She kept me up until about 1am, kicking my ribs on either side I'd lay, so I had to sit up in the recliner for awhile. So I made the most of it and took some videos of her crazy moving! It's pretty amazing to see this and realize, "My goodness, there really is a baby in there!" The doctor said she's not lookin' ready to come out yet, but it sure looks like she is. =)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dinner with the McGraths!

Saturday night, we were invited over to Uncle Dave & Aunt Sharon's for dinner. They are Jason's relatives and I love them. They just live in Idaho Falls, only a half hour away, and we still don't visit too often. Shame on us! They fed us steak and pirogies with strawberry shortcake for dessert. Oh man, to die for! Especially since I haven't had the desire to cook real meals for like the past two months. Dave and Sharon are just a ball to be around...they make us laugh like crazy - I'm surprised (and disappointed) labor wasn't induced. =) Carrie was home from Seattle so it was fun to hang with her as well! (J's cousin.) She was so kind as to pick us up from Rexburg and drive us there! (Trying to save money on gas...yikes and a half!) Anyway, we had a fabulous time. It was crazy parting and saying "Next time we see you, we'll be parents!"

After dinner - Sharon knew just how to make her move! It was hilarious. She'd have her hand on my belly for two seconds and Kristie would move instantly!

All hands on deck! It's funny how you get used to having people's hands on your belly. =) Kristie was putting on a show for everyone.

One more week from today 'til the due date! I tell her every day over and over that it's time to come out. We're so anxious to meet her! Next appt is this Wednesday. We'll see if I'm progressing at all...last week I wasn't dilated at all and her head wasn't quite low enough. The doctor said she didn't look interested in coming out yet and that she must be comfy in there. I'm flattered that I made a good little home, but time to move on out my girly girl!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Leave of Absence

Yesterday was my first day of my LOA from work at Melaleuca. Perfect timing was getting very difficult to be at work 40 hours a week with everything from my shoulders down hurting. Now I can rest more, walk outside more and get tons of things done before Kristie's born. Wednesday was my last day at Melaleuca (for three months but possibly for good) and it was a good one! First thing a bunch of the supervisors took me to breakfast (where I had stuffed french toast topped with strawberries...mmmmm.) Later was the supervisor development meeting that they invited me to. It was a potluck day with tons of food for lunch - yum - then they had a moment where the manager Kevin got up and thanked me for everything I've done. Then they brought out one of those diaper cakes that Des made with a couple cute outfits! How sweet! Then, they brought out my favorite...chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!! It said "Congratulations Candace" on it. Later I was given a huge card that they passed around and signed. I feel so lucky to have worked with such awesome people. I really am going to miss being the receptionist and doing work for HR and management. It was a really rewarding position - something that fits me perfectly, something I can actually do well. When Jason picked me up, there were flowers in my seat! Purple cute of him!

Here's a list of things I want to do while on LOA:
-Practice Piano
-Walk Everyday
-Teach myself to crochet
-Learn sign language for babies/toddlers
-Learn to scrapbook
-Add a couple cute decorations to Kristie's room
-Deep clean the apartment

The diaper cake (sooo cute!) and the big card. (And the flowers from Jason!!)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

38 weeks tomorrow!
(My back hurts...)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Today was our childbirth education class! Since it was too late to get into the 5 week course (1 hour each on Wednesdays) we had to do the 9-5 all day class. I had to keep standing up 'cause it's so hard to sit that long. Our instructor was really awesome though...gave us breaks every hour to go the bathroom! It was pretty fun to be in one room with so many pregnant girls, all due around the same time.

We got a ton of good information and tips. I feel more prepared for labor...although I'm still nervous and scared as heck. I'm glad we got to practice relaxation techniques...Jason did such a good job! He just went for everything she had us practice without hesitation! One of the techniques was for the labor coach to use imagery through the contractions. The instructor turned on really nice music for us...So while I was practicing breathing, Jason was talking quietly in my ear about one of my favorite places - describing it and so on. He talked to me about Howarth Park back home in Washington! Suuuuch a good choice. This is where we used to go when we were dating in high school, watch the sun setting over the islands and the ocean, carved our initials in a tree, I recorded tapes for him while he was on his mission many memories. Anyway, Jason did such a good job that he made me cry. Sounds silly, but it was such a good experience.