Saturday, May 31, 2008

Special Date Night & The Nursery

Yesterday Jason realized this is probably our last weekend before we become parents, so he took me out to dinner and a movie! What a sweetheart! We went to eat at our favorite local place, The Pineapple Grill, then saw Indiana Jones. Dinner was woooonderful and we both really enjoyed the movie! (I had to bring a small pillow with for my back, 'cause it's too hard to sit that long without one.) Before the movie, we also indulged and used a coupon we had for Coldstone and got some ice cream. We definitely had a good date night! (Only 2 more days until the due date! I really was hoping she'd be out by now. I've been having contractions, but none that hurt.)

J's favorite sushi roll.

My favorite smoothie. Mmmm...

Yum...that was an awesome dinner.

Here's some pictures of Kristie's room! It's really nothing fancy, but definitely functionable. I'm just glad we were able to create a room, just for her! We had to move a lot of storage and move furniture around in our apartment to make this work. =)

This is the makeshift changing table (used to be my sewing table) and the recliner we got at the DI for 30 bucks. (This is the recliner I've been sleeping on a lot lately because of my back and bad heartburn at's been a lifesaver!)

I painted this flower with watercolors and a posterboard. =) I picked one of the flowers on her crib set and went off of that. I also bought pink gingham fabric that is on the crib set so it ties in pretty well! The wall needed something.

Her clothes!

Her cute boppy and lovies are sittin' in the crib for now.

The bookshelf.

This is my favorite little outfit! (It comes with a cute hat too.) I keep this out because it makes me happy when I'm not feeling good. =)


byers babes said...

Candace!! Love your pics. Very cute room. Just to let you know, we have a family blog now and I'm trying to get everyone added. I'm sure they will over time. go to my blog and click on the byers family can make it. Can you send it to dustin, too? thanks, jenna

Char said...

It is so fun to see all girl stuff! Our nursery is blue and green so it throws me off to see pink and purple! I am going to put up pictures of our nursery once its done, I have a few last things to add. Anyhow, my appointment is at 8:30 let me know when your is so we can pow-wow after!