Thursday, May 29, 2008

Still Waiting & Two Videos!

Had another appt yesterday and Kristie should be here in another either right on time, or late. Yuck! My next appt is the 4th, which is two days passed, so hopefully I will have already had her by then. I was 1 centimeter dilated (which is more than last week, so I'll take that!) but my cervix hasn't started to thin yet. As Jason's Grandma Muiriel said, "She just won't be rushed!" Just like me...I hate being rushed. Already, we're so alike. =)

Here's a couple videos of my belly from the night before last. She kept me up until about 1am, kicking my ribs on either side I'd lay, so I had to sit up in the recliner for awhile. So I made the most of it and took some videos of her crazy moving! It's pretty amazing to see this and realize, "My goodness, there really is a baby in there!" The doctor said she's not lookin' ready to come out yet, but it sure looks like she is. =)




Brandon and Katie said...

My goodness!!! Too bad she wasn't moving around like that when you were here! Pop her out now. Maybe she's confused on which way she's supposed to go. I love you!

Conger's said...

That is so awesome! I've tried to get it on film but they always stop when I get the camera. :) I hope you are still feeling good!

Michelle said...

Cuuute! Love the new blog template too!!! Good luck with the wait and everything that comes with it. It's a special time to spend with your hubby before like gets crazy.

Kali said...

Dude, I would be like, stop moving around in there!!!