Monday, May 26, 2008

Dinner with the McGraths!

Saturday night, we were invited over to Uncle Dave & Aunt Sharon's for dinner. They are Jason's relatives and I love them. They just live in Idaho Falls, only a half hour away, and we still don't visit too often. Shame on us! They fed us steak and pirogies with strawberry shortcake for dessert. Oh man, to die for! Especially since I haven't had the desire to cook real meals for like the past two months. Dave and Sharon are just a ball to be around...they make us laugh like crazy - I'm surprised (and disappointed) labor wasn't induced. =) Carrie was home from Seattle so it was fun to hang with her as well! (J's cousin.) She was so kind as to pick us up from Rexburg and drive us there! (Trying to save money on gas...yikes and a half!) Anyway, we had a fabulous time. It was crazy parting and saying "Next time we see you, we'll be parents!"

After dinner - Sharon knew just how to make her move! It was hilarious. She'd have her hand on my belly for two seconds and Kristie would move instantly!

All hands on deck! It's funny how you get used to having people's hands on your belly. =) Kristie was putting on a show for everyone.

One more week from today 'til the due date! I tell her every day over and over that it's time to come out. We're so anxious to meet her! Next appt is this Wednesday. We'll see if I'm progressing at all...last week I wasn't dilated at all and her head wasn't quite low enough. The doctor said she didn't look interested in coming out yet and that she must be comfy in there. I'm flattered that I made a good little home, but time to move on out my girly girl!

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