Sunday, January 9, 2011

Letter Days

My friend Mindy started up a group for our kids doing Letter days! Each week we get together with our kiddos and focus on a letter of the alphabet. It's been way fun! I had a week in December to host for the letter E - so we made "Elf Ears" (homemade elephant ears cut in half, hehe), colored the letter E with an elf picture and danced to "The Happy Elf" by Harry Connick Jr! Sooo fun. We usually have about 5 or 6 kids on average, so it's fun for Kristie have kids to play with!

For letter A we talked about Autumn and make sun catchers with leaves and melted crayons! (And colored the letter A.)
For letter B we colored the letter B and made butter by shaking whipping cream in baby food jars! (And it tasted SO good!)
For letter C we colored the letter C and decorated sugar cookies.
For letter D we made deer ornaments, colored the letter D and ate donuts.
For letter E we did all the elf stuff...
For letter F we made fruit loop necklaces with flowers and played with things that started with F.
And for letter G last week we colored a huge letter G and made G shaped pretzels!

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