Sunday, January 2, 2011

Annual Gingerbread House Making Night

We had our gingerbread house making night again this year! Aw, I just love it - we have so much fun together!!

Kristie had a blast playing with the flour. =)
I was smart this year and busted out the frosting bags instead of using knives to put the decorations on. =) So much easier.

All the goods. We had to pop some popcorn to eat something salty - we were eating waaayy too much candy!

Dev & Leslie's, almost finished.
Dad & Ada's, almost finished.
Ours after it was done!
One of my favorite parts - the rock candy chimney!


Laura said...

My gingerbread house is so freaking pathetic compared to yours. DANG IT, CANDACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kira lee said...

wow, those are gourmet gingerbread houses!