Monday, November 23, 2009

Whistler Trip!

Well, the second half of our time share this year is over! Aw, it was soooo nice getting away. And this time in the gorgeous's just so picturesque there, I could just walk around and stare. Since Jason and Ada had to stay home, it was Me, Kristie, Dad, Devin and Leslie. We had a ball! Out to eat, strolling the Village, touring the sliding center (where all the bobsledding, skeleton, and luge will be for the upcoming 2010 olympics), window shopping, ice skating, New Moon seeing, relaxing in the condo, hot chocolate was WONDERFUL. In the end though, it was so nice to come back home to Jason...Kristie and I missed him like crazy!

While we were there, we received the exciting news that Jason was offered a position at Emeritus in Seattle as a Staff Accountant!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO proud of my him! Finally getting his big accounting job...we have been waiting for this for a long time! Congrats honey, I love you!!!

First night there - she looks so cute in her winter stuff!

Ice skating!!! They had strollers to use on the ice! How funny!

My little baby's not such a little baby anymore! I think she looks so much like a little kid here!
Love you bro!

Kristie LOVED the snow! 

At the Olympic Sliding Center! We watched youth practice going down in the luge, who are going to be in the olympics in 12 years! Crazy! 

Favorite place for breakfast! Yummmm...

What a fun trip! For more pictures, click HERE...


~Aimee~ said...

Congrats to Jason on the new job!! That is wonderful!! Such good news for you guys. :-D The pics are fabulous! Looks like you had a ton of fun. :-)

Kali said...

I just now saw this. Congrats to Jason!!!!!!!