Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Keys

I forgot to update on the apartment situation - thanks Kali! So Baycourt is raising our rent if we were to renew our lease at the end of this month. Yuck. We could barely afford what we had in the first place and they were going to raise it to $1100. So we started searching quickly found a 2 bedroom for $900. Also, we get free rent for November & December! Yeah, a little smaller, but it's at Millington apartments in Everett, which are only a few years old and SO nice. Really, really nice. We signed the lease and have the keys as of today! 

There are ups and downs to this. We are really comfortable where we are now...our apartment is HUGE and great. We're in my Dad's ward at church and loooove everyone there. I LOVE my calling in Young was something I saw myself doing for years and years. And our ward choir is AMAZING. Seriously. We have an amazing director, we do challenging, beautiful songs - I'm really going to miss that. And we just love being in Mukilteo. Such a great town. And we just don't physically feel like packing, cleaning and moving. 

But the area we're moving to is a good part of Everett. And we'll be in Jason's family's ward! haha. One fam or the other! I love it. So that'll be fun. And I do love that everything in the apartment is newer & more molding, bigger kitchen, lots of nice cabinets, nice fridge, HUGE tub in the bathroom....we'll be able to like it. =) Also, with the free rent in November & December, we'll have some money for Christmas, my birthday and our anniversary - when normally, we just don't have anything for the holidays. So that's definitely a plus.

I just realized I never took pictures of this apartment (in Baycourt)- I will do that to document and so you can see what we'll be missing. =) Then I'll take pics of the new apartment. 

For today, you get new Kristie pics. =)

A new love of hers - putting her hat on by herself and keep it on! Wish she would've done this during the summer. Haha.
If I ever leave the pantry open on accident, she get in, pull out the vegetable oil and walk around with it like it's a purse. 
This was today during lunch - she was tapping her foot on the was pretty hilarious! Got a video too, I'll put that up sometime!


Katie said...

It's too bad you guys didn't move there when I lived there =) I'll come see you lots though! Let me know if you need any help with anything.

Brooke Monk said...

Wow, you are one busy woman! I don't know how you do it all. Can I just say how impressed I am with you and all you've accomplished? Your business is amazing and you've inspired me to do something more with my life. Keep it up!!

Kali said...

Good luck with moving! And congrats on getting free November and December rent-- that's amazing!

Maybe you'll find the Doug Springer show video when you're packing all the stuff for the move!