Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Kristie-ness

The first 3 are from Jason's phone!

Waiting for our food at "The Backyard" here in Rexburg. (Gourmet hot dogs & burgers...mmmm.)

Sitting on my lap during church. I love "from behind" pictures of Kristie!

Meeting brand new baby Taysia this week! (Scott & Janel Hudson's girl.) She was a day old here. Makes Kristie look like a toddler! Holy about reality check.

Jason put her in my laundry basket! I love the looks on her face. "Where am I?!" (This is what the laundry usually looks like...clean & neatly hanging on the basket and ready to be put away...usually in this stage for awhile. haha.)

Oh I can't resist this cute face!

1 comment:

Whitney and Allen Bennett said...

Candace, your girl just gets cuter and cuter. I love all the pictures of her. You and Jason sure make cute babies!